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Accompanied Tours

We have spent uncountable days exploring and enjoying Lefkada's roads, backroads and alleys always on two wheels. With these e-bike tours we try to provide to you itineraries carefully designed to show you the best possible views while enjoying some of the main cultural and historical attractions of the island in the safest possible way. We like to keep our groups small and adapt the pace of the ride to your preference. There is a variety of tours to choose from so have a look below and decide which one suits your style and experience level.

With the accompanied tours you will have one member of our team coming along with you for the entire duration of the journey assisting with technical issues, providing interesting information about the places visited, providing riding tips and more.

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Self-guided tours

We know how important it is for some people to feel free to roam and explore a new and interesting place without the pressure of being part an organized tour group. For this reason we have created for you the unique opportunity to enjoy informative tours on preset itineraries but entirely at your own pace. Together with the e-bikes we will provide you with a booklet containing a map of your itinerary, various information on the places that you will be visiting as well as recommendations on where to stop for a drink, a meal or just to enjoy some priceless views and snap a few photos to take the memories home with you.

For the more tech-savvy we can also provide .gpx files that you can open with your favorite navigation app and/or Google Maps link with the itinerary of the tour you have chosen. This way you will be able to follow the directions directly on your phone conveniently placed on the smartphone holder provided with each e-bike.  

Self-guided tours still include road side assistance in the unlikely event of something going wrong with the e-bike.

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Should you not be interested in following a predetermined itinerary and just want to enjoy riding an e-mountain bike around Lefkada you can opt of a simple rental of the bike. Should this be your preferred choice check our Rental Terms page.   

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We are based in Karya, in the unmissable mountainous region of Lefkada where our tours generally start and end. Should you want to rent an e-bike in a different area of Lefkada we

can arrange to deliver it to you and collect it in the same area at an extra charge which will depend on your location. 

Pick-up & Drop-off

In case you want to join one of our tours but you are unable to reach the starting point so easily we can offer to pick you up and take you to the tour location as well as drop you off again once the tour is completed. The charge for this extra service will depend on where you will be located.

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"Not all those who wander are lost"

J.R.R. Tolkien

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